How Much It Costs Us from Michael Mandiberg on Vimeo. was a mashup that adds gas prices and carbon footprints to Google Maps. The site calculated accurate figures based of off of a database of each car model's miles per gallon, and the daily price of gas in the location of travel. This functionality has since been incorporated into Google Maps, and as such, the decision has been made to present the project as a screencast documenting the project, rather than performing the regular maintenance required to keep the code running.

CC BY-SA 2009 Michael Mandiberg

To view the site, click outside this frame

1. Select Gas

Where do you purchase gas?


2. Select Car

What car do you drive?


3. Destination

Where are you going to?

4. Results


Source Code is an open source project. Source code is available here. APIs to the daily gas price and car economy are available here.

Next steps include integrating with HopStop, Google Transit, bicycle directions, and other forms of alternate transportation.

To get involved, email here

Credits is a project by Michael Mandiberg. It builds on much of the code from

Google maps implementation and gas price scraping by Josh Schreibman. Logo Design by Oscar Torres, with Evan Moran.

This project could not have happened without the help of Carlo Montagnino, Danielle Palladino, and Michele Rose.